Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners


Ideal for the vagaries of British weather, the mesh format of these banners reduces resistance in strong winds, making them less likely to flap, billow or fly away.

•    Available in strong 260gsm and super strong 325gsm for a durable banner that will last.
•    Perfect for use as building wraps, on scaffolding or bridges.
•    Finished with hems and eyelets.
•    260gsm: minimum size 200 x 200mm; maximum 2000 x 4500mm.
•    325gsm: minimum size 100 x 100mm; maximum 2438 x 15000mm

Artwork Guidelines: Please save as a CMYK pdf at 150dpi at a scale of 1:1 with 3mm bleed, with no crop marks.

260gsm Mesh
Lighter than the 325gsm, this material is still Weatherproof, UV resistant and super strong.

325gsm Mesh
Weatherproof, UV resistant, super strong vinyl mesh perforation reduces the effects of strong winds. Perfect for permanent outdoor banners.